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TIFTY is...

"TIFTY is a wonderful group that has shaped me as a person and as a Jewish youth. My dreams are realized with TIFTY."
-Jake Meiner (PVP '68-'69)

"TIFTY is the most amazing part of my life. I absolutely love it."
-Eric Sharkey (Freshman Rep '68-'69)

"I love TIFTY, it is the main reason I stay involved in the Jewish community at Temple Israel."
-Alyson Warhit (President '68-'69)

"TIFTY has enabled me to strive for better things in the Jewish community, and in life. I don't know where I would be without TIFTY."
-Sam Chussid (SAVP '68-'69)

"TIFTY allowed me to be a part of something larger than myself-to be a part of something where I help the community, make friends and even have a little fun here and there"
-Nathan Heaps (Webmaster '65-'69)

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